Density 4 **[Octave 7] Aware of free will and start questioning the reason for ones existence, seeks answers through spiritual integration and growth, This is the level that other dimensions can’t stand you being on, as they start to loose control of you, so they then bring out the big guns, and you come under attack. The attacks will come as they take over a body of someone who is still in a lower density level, easy to control, that person will be the closest person to you, your mother, your father, your son or your daughter, you closest friend, your neighbour, you boss, your teacher, it will be somebody close. While in the body of that person they will intimidate you, if that doesn’t work they will manipulate you into a situation that they will set up, if that doesn’t work, they will use aggression and if that doesn’t work, they will use conditional love, such as, „If you love me you will, you don’t love me or you would.“ etc. This is a final desperate act to having you drop your guard, so that they can gain access to you.

Steve Richards

Tut mir leid, das bleibt auf Englisch. Ist persönlich.

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